All full-facility YMCA Buffalo Niagara branches have a Wellness Center that includes cardiorespiratory equipment, strength training equipment, and free weights.  All centers also hold an orientation for all new members. This free program teaches instruction on correct use of strength training and cardiorespiratory equipment.  The emphasis is on correct technique to maximize benefits and minimize risk.
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YMCA Buffalo Niagara also includes a variety of specialty wellness programs, including:

Diabetes Prevention Program

Livestrong at the YMCA

Fitness in the Parks

Wellnes Speaker Series

Just because we get older doesn’t mean we have to stop exercising.  In fact, exercise has proven to promote mental agility in addition to longevity and good health.   YMCA Buffalo Niagara offers a number of aquatic and fitness programs designed for the older adult. Read more...


When you become a member of the YMCA, you are joining an organization that believes in and promotes active and healthy lifestyles, progressive skills development, fair play, family, and character development.
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The YMCA is the nation’s leading swim instructor, teaching children and adults about swimming and water safety since the early 1900s.  We offer a comprehensive, progressive swimming program where each level builds upon the previous, focusing on skill development, technique, water safety, personal safety and fun.  Lessons are taught beginning at age 6 months.  All aquatics programs for children and adults focus on water safety and awareness. Private and semi-private lessons are also available for all age levels. Find out more...


The philosophy behind YMCA sports programs is that everyone plays and everyone is a winner.  Our sports programs are designed to provide participants of all ages with a positive experience, and we work hard to establish a non-competitive environment where skill development, teamwork and sportsmanship are stressed.  Read more...



YMCA Buffalo Niagara 301 Cayuga Road, Suite 100 Buffalo, NY 14225 716.565.6000 (phone) 716.565.6007 (fax)

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