Health & Wellness Speaker Series

by Buffalo Rehab Group

Interested in learning more about keeping your body healthy and ready for movement? Check out the Health & Wellness Speaker Series, offered by Buffalo Rehab Group, right here at the Y! Topics range from injury prevention to how to better train for a variety of sports. Check out which BRG Health & Wellness classes are coming up next and register for classes online. Some of the topics offered include:

Active Sitting & Desk Ergonomics

Ergonomic setup and postural habits can make all the difference in the world when it comes to pain. Learn proper positioning for your desk equipment, along with an active sitting program that combats common imbalances associated with prolonged sitting.

The Aging Spine

Aging beyond or faster than one’s chronological age is mostly a lifestyle choice. Dr. Michael Geraci of Geraci Spine and Sports explain how you can slow the aging process of the spine and in some instances, reverse it through the use of safe, effective exercise.

Exercising with Knee Pain

Whether you’ve already been diagnosed or believe your knee pain may stem from your meniscus, this class will help you identify your injury and your treatment options. We’ll discuss the anatomy, associated symptoms, and exercises that can help you rid of your pain.

Exercising with Shoulder Pain

A brief outline of rotator cuff function, anatomy, and postural influences highlight the beginning of the class. Learn how to exercise and even overcome common shoulder ailments.

Five Life Changes to Decrease Back Pain

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, spend countless hours behind a computer, or lift, bend, and flex at work, this class is designed for you. Learn everyday changes that you can make to either prevent back pain or help diminish your current pain. We’ll cover five common daily occurrences that lead excessive wear on our backs, often leading to disc herniation.

Five Signs of a Concussion

Concussions are often overlooked and underreported. This class is designed to educate parents and coaches with ability to determine if a concussion is suspect, whether it happens at gym, in sport, or simply playing.

GolfSmart: Fore a Better Swing

This class is designed to address common mobility issues that limit a golfer’s ability to hit the long ball. A lab experience demonstrates common drills and exercises that can be performed before tee off or at the turn.

Headaches & Migraines: Prevention & Treatment

Learn about the multiple factors that can contribute to headaches, whether it be posture, weakness, whiplash, or previous head injury. We’ll provide easy tips and daily changes that can help manage or even abolish your worst migraines.

RunSmart: Building for the Spring

Learn about runner – specific strength and training that can bring success come the spring. This is a lab experience so come ready to exercise!

SkiSmart: Strength Training for Skiers

Get ready for the ski season with us! Learn what exercises you’re not doing, but should be. Our physical therapists will introduce ski – specific exercises that improve your balance and strength, decreasing your likeliness for injury.

Vertigo, Dizziness, and Imbalance

Our dizziness and balance class highlight various aspects of dizziness and imbalance. Whether you experience “the spins”, unsteadiness, or just feel “off”, this class could help you identify the cause of your symptoms.

Woman’s Health: Postpartum Core Strength

It’s fairly obvious that major physical and biomechanical changes occur throughout pregnancy, more often than not, causing pain. What are considered safe exercises to maintain core strength and prevent lower back pain? Come spend some time with us to learn safe and effective exercises that help restore core strength.

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