My Y Story: Jody

If you visit our Independent Health Family Branch YMCA a lot, you probably know or have taken a class taught by Jody Hares. Her positive, uplifting spirit is what keeps members engaged and always coming back for more.

“I teach Zumba, Drums Alive, and lots of different SilverSneakers classes. I teach SilverSneakers Boom Muscle, which is a strength and conditioning class for seniors or anyone who wants to come; and I teach SilverSneakers Circuit, which is a mix of cardio, weights, and strengthening,” says Jody.

Her favorite part about teaching is watching members make connections with each other. “I like watching friendships form between people who would have never met each other if they hadn’t come to the Y or to my class. It’s really great to see them support each other and hold each other accountable.”

Jody says the Y is an important resource in the community. “Everyone truly is welcome,” she says. “There’s something for everyone here. On top of that, the Y helps people financially if they are not able to pay the full amount of the membership. It allows everyone to have access to the Y and the programs that we have here.”

“You won’t ever feel alone. There will always be someone here to support you.”

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