Full Day Child Care

While the new school year may look different than before, one thing remains the same: the Y continues to be a place where children can remain active, learning and engaged during their time out of school – a critical time for all school-age children, especially as they continue to adjust to the many changes related to COVID-19. Each year, the Y works to provide engaging activities in a caring and safe environment, and this year will be no different.

Full Day Child Care is available at several locations for remote learning days. This program offers activities, mentorship, and academic support, nurturing the potential of all children. Time will be set aside each day for remote learning with access to wifi, and staff will provide support to students.

Please review the forms below for pricing and locations, and call your nearest YMCA to register. Please note that this program is available for remote learning days only, not for school holidays or any other time your child would be out of school.

Locations & Pricing

Other Important Forms