Camp Kenan History & Traditon

The late philanthropist, inventor, humanitarian, and benefactor of many organizations in Lockport and elsewhere, William R. Kenan made it possible to establish the camp. The suggestion to develop a camp for children from the local area was made by John Tagg, the late general secretary of the Lockport YMCA, to Mr. Kenan.

Seven acres of land along Lake Ontario were acquired by Mr. Kenan in 1924, and the first camping season began. Although the facilities were primitive, it was deemed a huge success and plans were developed to expand operations the following year.

Generous grants were made each year by Mr. Kenan and are still made today by the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust and family to maintain, expand, and improve camp. These donations have made it possible to construct cabins for campers, build housing for staff, provide a dining hall, build a two-story recreation hall, provide program supplies, and recently rock the shoreline for erosion control.

Today YMCA Camp Kenan has over 53 acres and attracts hundreds of campers and their families each year. The Lockport Family YMCA and generations of campers and staff are forever grateful for the commitment the Kenan family has made to preserve and enrich the vision of William R. Kenan Jr.

Financial Assistance

Within the available resources of the organization, YMCA Buffalo Niagara will provide services to any youth, senior, adult, or family who desires to participate and understands the benefits of the YMCA.